Contract Consulting

At BSP Consulting, we offer a diverse array of essential services designed to streamline your contracting operations and ensure strict regulatory adherence. Our services include:

Contract Advisory & Guidance

Expert guidance on contract application requirements, guiding you to be prequalified at every bidding stage of contract process.

Proposals & Company Profiles

Crafting compelling proposals and dynamic company profiles to elevate your business image.

CAC Registration

Handling the incorporation of new companies and updating essential documents and records, filing of annual returns at the end of every business year.

Statutory Requirement Processing

Ensuring seamless compliance with statutory obligations for contracts such as ITF, NSITF, PENCOM, BPP, Insurance and other licenses, both fresh application and renewal.

Tender Compilation & Submission

Skillfully preparing tender documents to enhance your bidding success at all levels of your application.

NNPC & NUPRC (DPR) License processing

Providing assistance in securing NNPC and NUPRC/DPR licenses for oil and gas operations in Nigeria.

SCUML Application Submission

Offering guidance through the SCUML application process for anti-money laundering compliance and compliance with EFCC regulations of filing of financial inflows to combat money laundering.

Corporate Document Management

Supporting effective corporate management practices to foster sustainable growth by ensuring all contract documents are up-to-date, relevant filings and renewals are promptly managed.

Count on us as your trusted partner in navigating the intricacies of contracting, enabling your operations to be efficient, compliant, and primed for success.

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