Global Procurement & Supply

We can source, manage and deliver the best supply chain solution for your business, a comprehensive global procurement and supply solutions that drives down cost, assure quality, expedite schedule and mitigate risk. some of our global Procurement And Supply services are; Integrated sourcing and supply, Global procurement services, Capital project procurement solutions, Professional Resourcing.

We have been able to make supplies to different Non-Governmental, Government and private organizations in Nigeria such as; Of fire furniture and stationeries, educational supplies, medical supplies, agricultural supplies, supply 8t delivery of dignity items, Diesel etc.

Supply and Installation

Installation of our product after delivery is mandatory for us to equip the organization with experienced technicians and installers who make our work easy and commendable by relieving our client of every stress.

Maintenance and Repairs/Servicing

We maintain a sustainable relationship with our clients to achieve long-term success and viability after logistics and supply. Bilip Service Providers Ltd has been able to create a strategy of product maintenance and repairs, we are equipped with technical staff that handles any arising challenges within our supply chain.

Logistics Services

Bilip Service Providers Ltd help companies to establish logistics outsourcing relationships by guiding them through the steps necessary to identify, evaluate, select and implement third-party relationships. Within our logistics outsourcing assistance we offer the following services;

  • Logistics Outsourcing Needs Analysis
  • 3PL Evaluation and Selection
  • Turn-Key Logistics Outsourcing Service
  • 3PL Contract Review and Implementation

We offer these services for distribution facilities and transportation operations. Based on client needs, we customize our solutions to deliver a “supply chain centre of excellence” that can produce and sustain quantitative improvement results in productivity, quality and customer satisfaction while simultaneously developing capacity in the clients’ organization.

Our organizational excellence areas of expertise include:

  • Supply Chain Excellence
  • Business Process Continuous Improvement
  • Competency-Based Training
  • Performance Measurement Systems
  • Best Practice Benchmarking
  • Logistics Outsourcing as a Core Competency

International Market Expedition

International markets connected

International inbound supply chain……. International inbound supply chain solved… market complexities solved

Printing, Design and Publishing

We produce eye catching design solutions for variety of business sector; our expertise is creative graphic design, corporate design, Animation design, brochure, catalogs magazines, banners, books, T-shirts etc.

We recognize that it is not just designs and ideas that are important, good execution is vital as well and we are ready to execute and deliver quality design and print to your organization.

Car Hire Services

We look beyond logistic services seeing the need to make it easy for organization to run their businesses, we had to introduce Car Hire services to our objectives and we are aspiring to become the leading car hire service company in Nigeria.

We provide both long distance and short distance car hire whether you are looking for a car for a few hours or a few weeks to 12months you can be sure that our excellent car rental services will meet your needs. With over 30 locations where you can pick or drop a car, whether in an airport, a busy mall, a highway, office, hotel etc. our car hire services are flexible.

Our services are;

  • Car hire services
  • Airport taxi services
  • Airport shuttle services

“Hire and drive to your destination with Us”

Professional Expertise and Advice

We logisticians, helps a company run efficiently by rendering professional advice on how to organize and manage business processes like the supply chain, inventory, distribution, storage and transportation. At Bilip Service Providers Ltd, we use different softwares in project management or logistics tracking to achieve affirmative results such as; Logix platform, Onfleet, Netsuite, Shipstation, Shippo, Quickbase and ArcGis.

We are also familiar with the ISO Workplace policy and compliance with ISO 45004 and we do attend ISO workshops for supply chain workers periodically.

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